Customer Centric – the new approach for Business in Logistics

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Customer-centric is an approach of business where they focus on providing a positive experiences to customers both at purchase and post-purchase process in other to gain an edge in competitiveness and profit.

The philosophies and operations of customer-centric businesses revolve around their most valuable customers and making sure they’re happy.

The past couple of years has some signification changes to it thanks to the appearance of Internet and wide variety means of communication. Global markets have experienced dramatic shifts on two dimensions: geographically and demographically.

There are more and more opportunities for businesses as they are now able to reach other to customers worldwide with the helps of internet. There is an increase in demand for products and it stretched the logistics networks in order to satisfy this demand. This also contributed by the new generation with access to the vast amount of information on the internet. they always stay connected and rely on feedback from other people before making an purchasing decisions. Businesses are evolving, looking for a new ways to grab customer’s attention.

Customer expectations is ever increasing

We can be certain that today’s customer are much harder to satisfy compare to before. Customers have access to multiple sales channel and information. For example, a customer can always check online for a certain product and decide to buy it in a store nearby, or he/she can see something in the store and search online for the cheapest price possible.

This new customer experience is changing the way that businesses sense and shape demand, design and make products, and deliver based on omnichannel execution. Companies need to drive business processes centered around the customer and their expectation.

Customer-centric business

My company is Alliance International Logistics (AIL). We are one of the few logistics companies that operate in Vietnam with the approach of customer-centric. As my CEO has said to me before it give us many advantages over other competitors and even huge business in Logistics like DHL or UPS. Customer-centric is what keeping us inside the market and can compete again other without worrying about being taken over or pushed out.

Customer-centric give business a unique selling point (USP) as customer services has become a much more important part of the business. It is arguably that a company customer services quality can represent the company face and reputation in customer eyes. Customers are getting tired of being put in a line of long waiting lists, they want attention and being treat equally given the inadequate of demand.

The needs for company to become customer-centric is greatly risen and vital for the sustainability and development of business. In the near future, i do firmly believe that a lot of business will switch to customer-centric approach in order to drive customers to their business.

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