Time definite inland trucking or ground transportation is an essential component of a total logistics service program. Alliance International Logistics is committed to maintaining the highest performance standards in the industry. Through our meticulous approach in serving our customers’ logistics requirements, we have gain the necessary experience and trust that is recognized by our valued customers and this is evident from our growing blue chip customers base within Vietnam.

Inland Trucking services

  • Consolidation services.
  • Cross Border Trucking.
  • Project loads.
  • Transport insurance.
  • Packing and crating.
We offer a cost effective and reliable service with our total logistics service solution and many more benefits to our customers.

Inland Trucking benefits to our customers

  • Clear communication lines.
  • Highly skilled staff that know the trucking industry challenges.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Frequent departures.
  • Full flexibility due to frequent departures.

Convenient and reliable door-to-door service

We offer Door-to-Door service with extra touch. All transportation are arranged from the beginning of your cargo’s trip to the end of its destinations. We will always be there and reassure that  everything go right from the packing to the deliver at your door step. We will constantly monitoring your cargo and making sure it is delivered on time without interruption.

Strict selection criteria for vendors

That is why we also have a strong collaboration with quality transport providers – affiliated businesses like local land-side truck firms and train services along side with over 120 agencies that can fulfill all your trucking and logistics requirements around the globe. These vendors all have to first pass our own strict requirements of shipping and every official vendors and agencies goes through a thorough recruitment process and continuous quality assurance monitoring to make certain there won’t be any drop in quality performance and all demands are fulfilled.

This way you can always expect a solid, reliable service with timely pick-up and delivery from anywhere to everywhere without fail.

For more information please contact us at:

Phone: 84-28-38112868

Email: Info@ailglobal.net