Logistics – What To Focus Upon – Price Or Customer Service?

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What is more important for a business – the price or the service given to customers? This is a very tricky question as for most businesses, it is both price and service that are important. However, when you have to decide between one, which one should you choose? Once this is decided, a better business strategy can be put in place. Should one focus on low price at the cost of customer service, or on high service levels irrespective of the high prices?

Obviously, customers are always looking for lower prices, but do they compromise on quality for that? The answer can never be 100% on one side. Whether they opt for low price or low service depends on their individual preferences, choices and requirements. However, let us have an insight into a general mindset of customers.

Commonly, price is not the determining factor in customer purchase decisions. It has been observed that a good percentage of customers will not switch only because they are getting a lower price elsewhere. However, a good amount of people definitely switch when they are not satisfied with the service. So, you can see how service has an upper hand in this case. Apparently, major price differences lead to differences in customers’ buying behaviour but generally, customers are more sensitive to service than they are to price. Customers wouldn’t mind paying a little extra if they get a better service elsewhere. So, while customers do talk a lot about prices, but when it comes to making a decision, service is more important to them if the price is close. Moreover, remember that a lower price may fetch customers towards a business for once, but any poor quality customer service in the process will cut down the number of repeat customers, thus leading to a weak customer life cycle for the business.

Speaking about the logistics industry, people are definitely going to opt for the best service, and not price on the whole. This is because they want their goods to be transported to the right place within the expected time and in the perfect condition. They need to rely on their logistics service provider to be efficient enough to carry out the task responsibly. Thus, they won’t want to put their goods in the hands of someone whose service they can’t rely upon, just for a matter of few bucks being saved. Customers realize that partnering with a logistics provider that offers true customer service is a long-term investment.

However, when you are in good luck, you can have the best of both worlds! This means that if you make a smart choice, you can have the best of service quality at a price that won’t break your bank. If you are smart enough to partner with a top logistics service provider like Jayem Logistics, you can be sure to have unmatched customer service with exceptional efficiency and reduced risks for your business, all at a very affordable price. You can trust them for all your domestic and international shipping services without any compromises on quality, while also saving on your time and money.

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