Track & Trace – the trouble of Vietnam Logistics

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Track & Trace

Track & Trace or tracking and tracing is known as:

In distribution and logistics of many types of products, track and trace or  tracking and tracing, concerns a process of determining the current and past locations (and other information) of a unique item or property.

Track & Trace has became very popular as a common feature that is offered to every customers by logistics/ distribution companies. They are also implemented in shipping/ Trucking companies as a way to help their contractor (mostly logistics agencies that book their shipment) to keep track of their goods. It is also can be used as a way to increase profits as the technology has grow fairly advance that its allow the user to keep tracking of fuel consumption or driver condition in other to maximize fuel/miles.

The dark side of Vietnam Logistics

In Vietnam Logistics market, track & trace is a whole different story compare to NA or EU or even other countries in ASIA like Korean/Japan/Singapore. In here the amount of companies that can offer tracking services to customer is very limited. Majority of those that can offer is global logistics companies like DHL or UPS. Therefore, it is very difficult for customers if they want to know the whereabouts of their shipment.

There is also another difficulty aspect is that not also shipping or aircraft companies offer them either unless they are well-known and has the resources in which local Vietnam logistics agencies would be more likely to choose cheaper options to cut down on cost.

The brighter tomorrow for Track & Trace

However, in recent years Vietnam logistics market has grown quite significantly and more local companies has starting to offer Track & Trace services to their customers.

Alliance International Logistics (AIL) is one of the first few companies that started to implemented Tracking system into their shipment so the customers can keep track of their whereabouts whenever they want. There are still some minors problem in the Track & Trace due to slack in technology and resources like having to update the location manually but ultimately it is a start for Logistics Vietnam. I’m excited that there are leaders that took charge and move the industry forward in Vietnam as currently our import/export are being hold down due to our poor logistics infrastructure.

I hope that in the future, Vietnam Logistics will receive more investment especially when Trans-Pacific Partnerships (TPP) come into effect. It will be a great opportunity for the industry to grow rapidly in order to match our ever growing import/export demands.

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